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Aims & Objectives
  1. The Department of Fisheries & Animal Resources Development Department came into being in 1991after bifurcated from the erstwhile Forest, Fisheries & Animal Resources Development Department vide G.A Department Resolution No. 28038 /Gen., dt .10.10.1990.

  2. The Department is a nodal Department for formulating plan, policies and programmes for Fishery as well as Animal Resource Sector and is responsible for its successful implementation.

  3. The Department aims at promoting Fishery potential of the State and increasing milk, egg and meat production through various means in addition to providing Veterinary Services to a large number of Animal population.

Aims & Objectives:

  1. Improving professionalism through training/ counseling.

  2. Forming cooperative’s for community participation and expanding market potential.

  3. Encouraging private sector to adopt scientific farming by applying latest technology.

  4. Improving potential of local breeds.

  5. Dissemination of new technology.

  6. Better animal management nutrition and health.

  7. Increase productivity through genetic up-gradation.

  8. Expansion of livestock sector activities.

  9. Strengthening of Odisha Biological Products Institute for production of life saving biological vaccine and medicines.

  10. Strengthening disease control mechanism.


  1. The Fisheries & Animal Resources Development Department consists of two sectors namely Fisheries & animal Resource Development.

  2. In Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Service sector, there is a Directorate headed by a Director enjoying the powers and functions of Heads of Department. In the Directorate, the Director is assisted by 1. Additional Director, 3 Joint Directors Level-II, 6 Deputy Directors, 10 Branch Officers and a host of supporting staff. In the field, there are 13 Chief District Veterinary Officers (Class-I Senior) in charge of 13 districts. In the remaining 17 districts, the Sub-Divisional Veterinary Officers functioning in the district headquarter are looking after the districts affairs. Besides, there are 5 Deputy Directors in charge of Frozen Semen Bank and 3 Odisha biological Product Institutes. There are 58 SDVO’s in 58 sub-Divisions of the State and 912 VASs in 314 Blocks of the State to provide Veterinary Service in field level. In addition to the above there are also Vety. Officers in Group B and Junior Vety. Officers in different positions.

  3. There are 2 autonomous bodies namely OMFED and OPOLFED promoting production and marketing of milk, Milk products and egg and chicken. These organizations are functioning under the aegis of Fishery & ARD Department.

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